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Jupyter resources


Awesome Jupyter

A curated list of awesome Jupyter projects, libraries and resources. Jupyter is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.


  • anywidget - A Python library that simplifies creating and publishing custom Jupyter widgets.
  • Bokeh - Interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation.
  • bqplot - Grammar of Graphics-based interactive plotting framework for Jupyter.
  • Evidently - Interactive reports to analyze machine learning models during validation or production monitoring.
  • hvplot - A familiar and high-level API for data exploration and visualization in Jupyter.
  • ipychart - Interactive Chart.js plots in Jupyter.
  • ipyleaflet - Interactive visualization library for Leaflet.js maps in Jupyter notebooks.
  • IPySigma - Prototype network visualization frontend for Jupyter notebooks.
  • ipytree - Tree UI element for Jupyter.
  • ipyvizzu - Animated data storytelling tool.
  • ipyvolume - 3D plotting for Python in Jupyter based on widgets and WebGL.
  • ipywebrtc - Video/Audio streaming in Jupyter.
  • ipywidgets - UI widgets for Jupyter.
  • jp_doodle - Infrastructure for building special purpose interactive diagrams in 2D and 3D.
  • jupyter-gmaps - Interactive visualization library for Google Maps in Jupyter notebooks.
  • lux - Recommends a set of visualizations whenever a dataframe is printed in a notebook.
  • mpld3 - Combining Matplotlib and D3js for interactive data visualizations.
  • pd-replicator - Copy a pandas DataFrame to the clipboard with one click.
  • Perspective - Data visualization and analytics component, especially for large/streaming datasets.
  • pythreejs - Python / ThreeJS bridge utilizing the Jupyter widget infrastructure.
  • tqdm - Fast, extensible progress bar for loops and iterables.
  • tributary - Python data streams with Jupyter support.